About Us

Discover new paths to pleasure with EXPLOR - the quarterly subscription box delivered discreetly to your door

You love your partner, and you definitely love having fun with them - especially in the bedroom (or depending on your mood, the bedroom floor, the shower and maybe even a roll around in the grass).

I’m Missy Bowie, founder and CEO of Explor.

Though we all love having flirty fun and incredibly passionate time with our partner, sometimes things get...um...stale.

And if stale isn’t good when we’re talking about bread...it certainly is even worse when it comes to sex.

Being in the professional beauty industry for years, I came across men and women who, for various reasons were bored.

Bored with their relationship, bored with their love life, and bored with being bored.

Explor is here to change that.

Explor gives you quarterly, direct to your door intimate items to spice up your sex life. Now that’s delivery with a smile!

Instead of trying to figure out what to buy, researching for hours...or even having to go into a store, Explor does the work for you (well, most of the work).

Explor is perfect for every couple looking to be a bit more adventurous in their personal life. 

All genders, all couples, all the fun, all in one quarterly, discreetly delivered box filled with all the intimate toys and tricks you’ll need to never be bored again.

Happy, healthy relationships aren’t boring, they’re Explor’ing.

Let’s go Explor’ing together.

#explormore #neverbored